Virtual and In-Person Services


Monolingual and Bilingual Speech/ Language Evaluations

Evaluations are comprehensive assessments and are individualized to meet the needs and concerns of the client and their caregivers.

Evaluations will include:

  • 1-2 caregiver interviews to collect a thorough linguistic/medical/scholastic history prior to in-person testing
  • An allotted time of approximately 90 minutes to complete testing batteries and dynamic assessments
  • A thorough report (averaging 6-10 pages) with student performance descriptions and recommendations regarding next steps.
  • A discussion of said report and any questions pertaining to the process are also part of the evaluation fee.


These evaluations require at least 5 hours. Natalia is currently private pay only but will provide a SuperBill with guidance on how to approach insurance to cover these services (coverage is not guaranteed).

Monolingual/Bilingual Private Therapy

Therapy sessions are individualized and based on the client’s need for their language development goals. Natalia works closely with the client and their caregivers to determine what time, frequency, and mode of therapy are adequate based upon multiple factors including but not limited to client’s need, client’s ability to participate in therapy, and family and therapist schedule. Natalia can offer services in both English and Spanish.

Natalia is currently private pay only but will provide a SuperBill with guidance on how to approach insurance to cover these services (coverage is not guaranteed).

Ask Me Anything/Consultations

20-25 minute phone/zoom appointment
Do you have questions about your child’s progress in areas of language development/speech sounds/social skills? Wondering about your child’s feeding development? Does your child need help progressing to higher-level play? Do you need strategies on how to introduce vocabulary? Natalia is here to guide you in these and any other questions you may have in areas of speech/language/cognition and any special considerations that are specific to your situation.


Bilingual Programming

Pequeños (available to schools and daycares)

Pequeños is a child readiness program for children of all abilities 3 – 5 years old that offers bilingual English-Spanish immersion and cultivation of school readiness skills. This program runs as a semester throughout the school year (Fall, Winter/Spring). The activities and curriculum behind Pequeños are created and implemented by professionals specializing in various areas of child development. They work collaboratively to create an environment that fosters a sense of well being, love of others, as well as love for nature and the community. Through this foundation of knowledge and experience, this program envelops the skills and experiences we know all children would benefit from as they prepare for a lifelong journey of growth, learning, and global community.


Pequeños is available to schools and daycares in the Saratoga County area. Please contact us for more information on how Pequeños can be integrated into your school program.

Summer Camp

Join us for an exciting summer of wonder and play!
Led by a bilingual speech-language pathologist and a NYS certified Science Teacher, Play Hollow Camp in the Village of Ballston Spa has 6 weeks to pick from dedicated to nature and science exploration. Each week touches upon a science theme, which we will explore in English & Spanish while engaged in art/outdoor play/music, inspiring curiosity, exploration, and critical thinking.

Classes start on 7/9/2024 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9 AM to 12 PM with snacks included.

Cost is $179/week or those who sign up for 2+ weeks receive a $20 discount for each extra week your little one is enrolled in. (Contact to receive a discount code prior to registering)