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Natalia M Martinez, MS, CCC-SLP
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Natalia M Martinez, MS, CCC-SLP

is a bilingual speech and language therapy practice serving families and school districts in New York State.  In-person services are available in the Capital Region and virtual services throughout the state. Natalia takes pride in working together with families and schools to implement strategic, meaningful engagement and participation.

Services Overview

Monolingual and Bilingual Speech/ Language Evaluations

Evaluations are comprehensive assessments and are individualized to meet the needs and concerns of a child and his caregivers.

Monolingual/Bilingual Private Therapy

Therapy sessions are individualized and based on the client’s need for their language development goals. Natalia works closely with the client and their caregivers.

Ask Me Anything Consultation

20-25 minutes
Do you have questions about your child’s progress in areas of language development or speech, sounds or social skills?

I offer services for every budget!

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